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AI with tools for online authors is an innovative way to help writers, bloggers and journalists create high-quality content. They provide unique features such as idea generation, spell checking, text sentiment analysis, and more. AI helps writers improve the quality of their texts by checking grammar, punctuation, style, and tone. It is a tool that uses AI and machine learning algorithms to detect bugs and suggest fixes.

Tools for Authors Media

Paid platform for creating and editing audio, video and images based on artificial intelligence. The neural network allows you to remove unnecessary marks and objects, clear the sound of unnecessary noise, add subtitles and original special effects. AI noticeably facilitates work and increases

Tools for Authors Lightricks

A platform specializing in the creation of paid and free applications based on artificial intelligence. These are products for creative people who are constantly looking for ideas. Neural networks help diversify regular content and come up with exciting videos. The service is ideal for bloggers in

Tools for Authors Hotpot

A paid platform with a large number of tools based on a neural network. The service allows you to create unique content for creative initiatives and advertising. AI helps write high-quality text for social networks, design a device layout, come up with advertising integration, and much more.

Tools for Authors Fermat

A unique paid platform that helps you work with visual content. With the help of artificial intelligence, users can hone their own ideas, create original concept art, work out the visual component of films, works of art and design of various objects. The work is facilitated by the presence of a

Tools for Authors Descript

Powerful video and audio editing service. Allows you to record from the screen, work with multiple audio tracks at the same time, create transcriptions and clips, and publish videos using the built-in player. Artificial intelligence tools are actively used by educational organizations, large

Tools for Authors Cutout.Pro

Paid image and video editing product. The platform works with the help of artificial intelligence and replaces many tools of popular graphic editors. Users can quickly remove unwanted objects and people from photos, change backgrounds, animate pictures, create ID photos, and correct colors.

Tools for Authors ClipDrop

A paid graphics editor based on a neural network. The product can significantly save time and resources for designers, bloggers, illustrators and artists. Artificial intelligence literally in one click helps to remove the background from the image or foreign objects, as well as to make interesting

Pheeds Prompt Silo
Tools for Authors Pheeds Prompt Silo

A huge collection of tips and tools for AI Art and ChatGPT.