Category: Healthcare

AI related to online health can improve the quality of life of people and provide more accurate diagnoses and treatment of diseases. AI helps users identify their symptoms and receive diagnostic and treatment recommendations based on medical data analysis and machine learning algorithms. This is an example of how AI can be used in medicine to improve the quality of life of patients. Through the use of such technologies, it is possible to obtain more accurate diagnoses and effective treatment, which can improve health and prolong life.

Healthcare Ubie

A unique free neural network in the field of healthcare. Artificial intelligence, created by leading medical experts, helps to identify potential causes of various symptoms. The user needs to complete a short questionnaire, after which the AI will quickly issue a report on the possible factors

Healthcare Replika

A service that works on paid and free subscriptions. The neural network provides an opportunity to create an AI-based online companion. Thanks to extensive settings, you can generate a more emotional copy of yourself that can talk to you at any time. The platform was created to facilitate

Healthcare Getactyv

Platform for training with the help of artificial intelligence. A paid neural network selects the necessary program based on your initial data and wishes and helps you do sports at home. AI allows you to make sports activities as personalized as possible and monitor the correct execution of