Category: Reviews and recommendations

AI for reviews and recommendations helps automate the process of writing reviews for products and services, as well as provide recommendations based on the analysis of user feedback. AI can create texts of reviews based on the available data. Using AI to write reviews can significantly speed up the process and improve the efficiency of processing user reviews.

Read This Twice
Reviews and recommendations Read This Twice

A free AI that specializes in recommending a wide variety of books. AI studies user preferences, reviews on the Internet, professional reviews of literary critics and various tops. AI makes high-quality selections in just a few seconds. At the same time, you can view lists of books recommended by

Reviews and recommendations Reviewz

A completely free service created to recommend the best products in the chosen direction. The AI-based platform examines user reviews from different sites and selects the most suitable products for you based on various criteria. AI can open new books, good clothes, high-quality equipment and much

Reviews and recommendations GeniusReview

Free platform based on artificial intelligence. The service allows you to quickly evaluate company employees according to various criteria. The user is prompted to answer a few questions and put marks in a special column. After that, it is enough to choose the tone of the generated text and AI

Art Review Generator
Reviews and recommendations Art Review Generator

Free AI that can independently write reviews of art exhibitions and paintings. Artificial intelligence was trained on a huge number of professional texts aimed at criticizing contemporary art. It is enough for the user to set a few words, from which AI will form a sentence or a full text.

Reviews and recommendations MARA

Efficient AI to help respond to customer and customer reviews across platforms. AI is the perfect assistant to generate a correct and humane response. With the help of AI, a company can quickly and efficiently communicate with users of popular services. Works on a paid subscription, but you can