Category: Music generation

AI for creating music online is an innovative solution that allows you to create music automatically. Thanks to the use of AI, it is possible to get a unique composition that can be used as background music for videos or games. AI creates music according to the given parameters, including genre, mood and duration. AI for music creation - an innovative solution that can significantly reduce the time and cost of creating your own music.

Music generation SOUNDRAW

A paid tool that creates music using artificial intelligence. The neural network generates completely unique compositions that can be used with attribution. AI can make the song automatically, or the user can independently adjust the tempo, intro time, notes, and other elements. The service is

Music generation Riffusion

A free platform with a unique neural network that generates musical compositions based on user-supplied keywords. You can alternate between a wide variety of tags, including genres, eras, performance styles, countries, and more. Artificial intelligence creates unique music with an interesting

Quasi Radio
Music generation Quasi Radio

An easy-to-use platform based on artificial intelligence. The neural network is easy to manage and can be actively used to create unique music without any musical education. By paying for access to AI, the user gets the opportunity to generate compositions in a variety of genres.

Music generation Musico

A powerful tool based on a neural network. Allows you to generate musical compositions in a wide variety of genres. The paid program is useful for both professional and beginner musicians. Various usage approaches are proposed, including full music generation. Creates sounds based on movements,

Music generation LALAL.AI

A unique tool that, based on the work of a neural network, removes vocal or instrumental parts from a track in order to create high-quality samples without extraneous sounds. A paid plugin allows you to remove a guitar, bass, piano, drums or voice from a musical composition without losing quality.

Music generation Krisp

Paid neural network for silent business calls. Artificial intelligence detects all background noise, voices and echoes, ensuring clear communication and allowing you to remain calm and calm even in the most difficult situations. Using AI, you can talk on the phone while in

Music generation Audialab

A paid plugin that uses a neural network to create original drum samples. Artificial intelligence generates sounds from scratch and quickly recreates the required sequence in the proposed style of music. Using the plugin, you can create an unlimited number of recordings to later use when writing

Music generation Clip

A unique free neural network that can generate and search for a variety of sounds, as well as synthesize speech. The algorithm creates high-quality and original audio content, which is actively used when recording podcasts and in sound design. The system offers not only the search for sounds, but

Cleanvoice AI
Music generation Cleanvoice AI

Paid artificial intelligence used to quickly edit podcasts. Helps to quickly remove unnecessary and extraneous sounds from the recording. The algorithm quickly detects various parasitic words and interjections. Using a neural network, you do not have to independently look for sounds such as