Category: Fashion

AI for fashion and beauty has become indispensable tools for defining beauty and style. AI determines the beauty of the face using deep learning and creates photorealistic images based on the style that the user selects. AI also helps in the selection of makeup, clothes and accessories, taking into account the individual preferences and characteristics of the user. AI beauty detection helps you look incredible in any situation.

Fashion VisualHound

Paid tool for beginners and professional designers. Allows you to take a quick path from an idea to its rapid implementation with the help of a neural network that visualizes your projects. At the same time, AI helps to make sure that there are no mistakes in the design and see how the future

Fashion FashionAdvisor

Fashion-savvy artificial intelligence. The free service answers any questions related to appearance. Using AI, you can easily pick up an outfit, decide on makeup and color combinations in clothes. Choose what to wear in just a second.