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AI have become an important tool for creating innovative plugins and extensions. They allow you to add new features, make tasks easier, and improve productivity. Photoshop plugin from Adobe uses AI for image processing. It allows you to apply various effects, such as changing colors, adding textures, and more. Thanks to this plugin, Photoshop has become an even more convenient tool for working with images.

Plugins and extensions Splashy

The service provides a convenient plug-in for Figma, based on a neural network. The extension allows you to use the free search and generation of various images. Artificial intelligence is actively used by designers for inspiration, search for new ideas and their original implementation.

Plugins and extensions Merlin

Browser extension based on the ChatGPT neural network. The tool works on absolutely all sites. Just click on the icon and you can immediately use it. AI helps you summarize different textual content, write business emails and lines of code, generate marketing ideas and answer absolutely any

Plugins and extensions Autoname

Free service for the Figma editor. AI was created to simplify the work of designers, eliminating the need for routine actions. It helps users name layers. The process is fully automated. AI will independently give names to all layers. You only need to make one click.

AI Duh
Plugins and extensions AI Duh

Paid platform designed to automate work on the Hostaway service. Users can install a special browser extension. The AI-based program will analyze all the details of the guest, their previous chats and information about the house. After examining all the data, AI will prepare answers to any