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AI for selecting gift ideas online are becoming more and more popular. They help save time and find a gift for any person and any occasion. AI uses machine learning algorithms to analyze human preferences and interests and offer personalized gift ideas.

Gift Ideas text2present

A paid graphics editor based on a neural network. The product can significantly save time and resources for designers, bloggers, illustrators and artists. Artificial intelligence literally in one click helps to remove the background from the image or foreign objects.

Gift Ideas Lovelines

Paid neural network for creating unique souvenirs for your soulmate. Artificial intelligence writes romantic poems and memorable letters in a beautiful design. AI works on the information presented and creates extremely unique and personalized texts that can be printed as a greeting card.

Gift Ideas Giftastic

Free assistant for choosing gifts for all occasions. The service works on the basis of a neural network and offers many original ideas. For AI to give recommendations, you need to fill in special fields (gender, age, reason, user's attitude to a person). Any additional information is indicated in

Gift Wizard
Gift Ideas Gift Wizard

A simple assistant to help you choose a gift using a neural network. Users enter their age, gender, hobbies, type of gift, and budget for the gift to get recommendations on how to choose. If necessary, the information can be supplemented with more extended information about the recipient. You can

Gift Ideas GiftBot

A bot powered by artificial intelligence. Functions both in the browser and in Telegram. AI helps to pick up gifts for a variety of people. The user only answers his simple questions. Further, the neural network provides all kinds of options for birthday, Christmas and other holidays.

Gift Genie
Gift Ideas Gift Genie

A free neural network that helps you find the perfect gift for anyone. The user is invited to write a short story about the recipient (up to 2800 characters), which will contain information about his hobbies, age, tastes and dislikes. Artificial intelligence quickly reads the information and picks

Gift Ideas Fabled

A free neural network that writes various stories and fairy tales for children and adults. The user, with the help of artificial intelligence, creates the main character, the space of the story and the plot. The setting may be your hometown, and the key character may be your beloved child. The

Elf Help
Gift Ideas Elf Help

Free assistant for choosing gifts for loved ones. The platform is based on artificial intelligence. It is enough to fill in a few fields (age, hobbies and budget) to get personalized recommendations with unique ideas. AI significantly saves time for choosing and helps you pick up something that

Cool Gift Ideas
Gift Ideas Cool Gift Ideas

Free AI that generates a huge amount of gift ideas. Platform users note the originality of the proposals and the fact that they are perfect for the person being described. All you have to do is fill out a short form. You can enter any data about a friend into it (age, hobbies, profession, taste