Category: Education

AI is becoming more and more popular in education. They can be used to adapt the learning process, assess student knowledge, create personalized learning programs, and much more. AI uses machine learning technology to determine the level of knowledge and ability of students, as well as to customize the approach to each individual student.

Education TeacherToolkit

Paid platform for educators and teachers in schools and universities. Provides a lot of different tools for optimizing and planning the educational process. AI helps to create a detailed lesson plan, develop criteria for evaluating student work, and prepare materials for lectures.

Speaking Club
Education Speaking Club

Free educational service for learning foreign languages. The interlocutor is AI, which helps improve pronunciation skills and corrects user errors. Currently available in Russian, English, Danish, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish and German.

Education Replicate

Machine learning platform. AI editing images, texts, video and audio can be launched with a few lines of code. The service is provided on a paid basis and helps to reduce cash costs and resources for working with various visual and textual content.

Education Lorro

A unique educational platform for learning foreign languages. Users learn together with artificial intelligence instead of a teacher. AI helps improve pronunciation, learn grammar rules and new words. You can communicate with AI on absolutely any topic. Access is provided for a fee.

Education AskBotta

A free educational platform based on a neural network. The service provides users with the opportunity to communicate with a smart chatbot. AI will answer any question of interest on a given subject and help you understand any topic. A great tool to clarify difficult points for those with learning