Plugins and extensions Splashy

The service provides a convenient plug-in for Figma, based on a neural network. The extension allows you to use the free search and generation of various images. Artificial intelligence is actively used by designers for inspiration, search for new ideas and their original implementation.

Plugins and extensions Merlin

Browser extension based on the ChatGPT neural network. The tool works on absolutely all sites. Just click on the icon and you can immediately use it. AI helps you summarize different textual content, write business emails and lines of code, generate marketing ideas and answer absolutely any

Plugins and extensions Autoname

Free service for the Figma editor. AI was created to simplify the work of designers, eliminating the need for routine actions. It helps users name layers. The process is fully automated. AI will independently give names to all layers. You only need to make one click.

AI Duh
Plugins and extensions AI Duh

Paid platform designed to automate work on the Hostaway service. Users can install a special browser extension. The AI-based program will analyze all the details of the guest, their previous chats and information about the house. After examining all the data, AI will prepare answers to any

Read This Twice
Reviews and recommendations Read This Twice

A free AI that specializes in recommending a wide variety of books. AI studies user preferences, reviews on the Internet, professional reviews of literary critics and various tops. AI makes high-quality selections in just a few seconds. At the same time, you can view lists of books recommended by

Reviews and recommendations Reviewz

A completely free service created to recommend the best products in the chosen direction. The AI-based platform examines user reviews from different sites and selects the most suitable products for you based on various criteria. AI can open new books, good clothes, high-quality equipment and much

Reviews and recommendations GeniusReview

Free platform based on artificial intelligence. The service allows you to quickly evaluate company employees according to various criteria. The user is prompted to answer a few questions and put marks in a special column. After that, it is enough to choose the tone of the generated text and AI

Art Review Generator
Reviews and recommendations Art Review Generator

Free AI that can independently write reviews of art exhibitions and paintings. Artificial intelligence was trained on a huge number of professional texts aimed at criticizing contemporary art. It is enough for the user to set a few words, from which AI will form a sentence or a full text.

Reviews and recommendations MARA

Efficient AI to help respond to customer and customer reviews across platforms. AI is the perfect assistant to generate a correct and humane response. With the help of AI, a company can quickly and efficiently communicate with users of popular services. Works on a paid subscription, but you can

AI Collection | Collection of AI

Artificial intelligence is the future and AI Collection is your one stop shop for all things AI. Here you will find an extensive collection free and paid AI that can be used for various purposes.

What is AI?

AI is a computer system designed to mimic the human brain. It consists of several layers of connected nodes, each of which performs a simple mathematical process. AIs are capable of performing complex tasks such as image processing, speech processing, natural language processing, and many more.

What can AI do?

The scope of AI is huge. Here are some of them:

- Image Recognition: They are used to identify objects in photographs, such as a car or an animal.

- Speech recognition: This makes them useful in applications such as virtual assistants and text-to-speech.

- Natural language processing and interpretation: AI can be used in applications such as chatbots and language translation to analyze and understand human language.

- Modeling for Prediction: AI can be used, for example, to forecast stock prices or weather conditions by making predictions based on historical data.

- Play games: The use of AI allows the creation of intelligent enemies in video games, increasing their complexity and appeal.

What benefits can be derived from the use of AI?

AI can be used to solve a wide range of problems and can provide many benefits. Here are some of the benefits of using AI:

- Efficiency Improvement: AIs can perform complex tasks much faster than humans, making them ideal for tasks like data science and analysis.
- Improved Accuracy: AI can be trained to recognize patterns and make predictions with a high degree of accuracy, making them useful in areas such as medical diagnosis and fraud detection.
- Cost Savings: The use of AI reduces the need for human labor and saves money in the long run.
- Improving the quality of customer service: AI can be used to provide personalized recommendations and support, improving the overall customer experience.

AI Collection — this is a great resource for those who want to learn more about AI and how it can be used. With a wide selection of free AI, you can start experimenting with AI today and take advantage of the many benefits it provides..