Category: Organization and automation

AI can greatly simplify and speed up organizational processes. For example, AI can automate data collection and analysis, text and speech recognition, image and video processing, and more. AI provides powerful machine learning tools to solve business problems of any complexity.

Organization and automation timeMaster

A paid AI-powered tool that streamlines workflows. The service promotes concentration, as AI automatically understands what the user is working on, keeps a special action log, reminds you of the need for breaks, and helps to remove annoying and distracting factors from work.

Organization and automation Mem

A paid platform that uses AI to create a self-organizing workspace for an entire team of employees. Thanks to the service, employees of one company can always be in the same field, sharing developments, knowledge, tables, files, etc. AI fully automates these and other processes.

Organization and automation Bardeen

A platform that uses AI to automate complex and routine processes when creating an original product. The user can work together with AI, which continues to work for him in those places where creativity is not required. Access to the service is provided on a paid basis.

Product Launch
Organization and automation Product Launch

A paid service that provides effective tools to speed up the launch of various products. AI streamlines many processes that typically require developers to complete. Thus, AI greatly simplifies application development, allowing employees to do more serious things.

Organization and automation Kubiya

Paid platform based on AI. Actively used by DevOps engineers to simplify the execution and automation of many work tasks. AI builds a convenient infrastructure for a team of employees, frees them from boring work and helps to monitor their actions.

Organization and automation Hexact

Paid service based on AI. AI automates many processes related to website monitoring. AI finds visual changes, errors in code, innovations in technology and design. The platform does the job in seconds, saving users' resources.

Genius Design
Organization and automation Genius Design

A free platform with tools that allow you to optimize and automate the development of the interface and design of applications and websites. The service works on the basis of AI, which performs individual elements of work for users or gives them professional tips.